Travel Policy

WIBR will follow 5 U.S.C. §4111, when authorizing travel support to training or other meetings. WIBR funds may be used to support domestic and foreign travel expenses to approved research or education meetings for authorized individuals. The travel must fulfill the NPC purpose and facilitate conduct of approved VA research or education or functions related to the conduct of such research and education.

Prior to making any travel arrangements, the traveler must submit an estimate of the travel costs along with documentation that supports a VA research or education activity. If the traveler is a VA employee, this is accomplished by submitting a fully signed VA form 0893. If the traveler is a non-VA employee, the attached form must be submitted. All travel requests must be submitted with estimated costs and purpose of the travel as soon as possible prior to the travel date and must be approved by the Executive Director or Secretary/Treasurer. Persons traveling should make their own travel arrangements including the purchase of airfare and lodging. Reimbursement will be made after travel is completed. Cash advances and other pre-paid expenses will be allowed if approved by the Executive Director or Secretary/Treasurer. If any expenses are prepaid, the traveler must present original receipts upon completion of the trip. WIBR may pay all or some benefits in kind. An example of this would be registration costs paid directly to the organization hosting the meeting.

If the VA traveler is leaving the local area, he/she must have VA travel authorization and be on official duty status (not AA or AL). This is obtained through the VA travel system. This is the mechanism which splits out who pays for what part of the travel. This may be "no cost" to the VA if WIBR will provide all travel expenses.

In most cases, GSA per diem rates will be used to calculate the allowed reimbursement for WIBR travel. Exceptions will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis with final approval by the Executive Director or Secretary/Treasurer. One exception might be that lodging expenses exceed the GSA per diem rate but the lodging site is also the meeting site. If the traveler is claiming expenses from both the VA and WIBR, WIBR may be able to pay the excess amount of lodging if it was previously declared on the VA form 0893.
Meals and incidentals will be paid as follows: First and last day of travel – 75% of the GSA allowed amount. All other days will be paid at 100%.

Rental cars are not normally allowed. A written justification for a rental car must be submitted prior to the travel and must receive the approval of the Executive Director or Secretary/Treasurer

Upon returning from the conference the traveler will submit a reimbursement travel form supplied by WIBR. The original receipts are submitted to WIBR with this form. All expenses over $75 must be accompanied by an original receipt. All expenses under $75 must be itemized. If there is no claim to the VA for expenses provided in cash or in kind, a check from WIBR will be made directly to the traveler.

pdfTravel Authorization Form for Non-VA Employee

pdfVA Form 0893