Purchasing Policy

Requirements for All Purchase

  • Sufficient funds in an investigator's account to cover costs must be available.
  • The expense must support the research mission, requiring a research rational to be provided for research-related purchases or expenditures.
  • Purchases considered to provide personal benefit are not allowed.
  • Individual professional licensure payments are not allowed.
  • Any purchase with a perceived conflict of interest is not allowed.
  • If the Executive Director reviews a proposed expenditure and considers the request inappropriate, the person/s requesting the expenditure may seek review by the Board of Directors for final consideration.
  • Supplies and equipment acquisitions will be conducted on an open and competitive basis and without favoritism in order to obtain the maximum value for each expenditure. Interested suppliers will receive fair and impartial consideration. All business relationships will be conducted at arms-length. Any item over $5,000 must have no fewer than three (3) bids unless sole source justification can be provided.

pdfFor more info on our Purchasing Policy, please download the complete document.