Bracco Diagnostics - Seeking VA Site participation - Radiologists & Pathologists (Gadavist & Dotarem)

Bracco Diagnostics is interested in identifying potential VA sites (2-3 total) to assist in an ongoing project. They are specifically looking to identify radiologists and/or pathologists who would be interested in participating in an autopsy tissue study which would involve providing brain tissue samples from patients who have received one of the following MRI contrast agents in the past:

  • Gadavist
  • Dotarem

Any investigator who might be interested in the study should contact NAVREF's Krissa Caroff ASAP. Bracco is primarily interested in finding no more than 3 sites that will be able to provide 20 specimens total (10 w/Godavist; 10 w/Dotarem). 


Krissa Caroff, MS

Clinical Trials Facilitator


(301) 276-0758